Xin Jia Yi Lu – 新架一路 Workshop
(New Frame First Routine)

Sunday afternoon's in July and August, 2017

Xin Jia Yi Lu, which translates as “new frame, first path”, is first of the second set of Chen family Taijiquan empty-hand forms. This form is Chen Zhenglei’s interpretation of the form he learned from his second teacher, his uncle Chen Zhaokui, son of the famous Chen family Grandmaster Chen Fake.

This form was created by Grandmaster Chen Fa Ke, and further developed by his son Chen Zhaokui. Chen Zhaokui then made a special effort to return several times to Chen village from his home in Beijing to ensure he passed on this form to Chen Zhenglei and his others family members in Chen Village. Chen Zhenglei in turn has passed this form on to his disciples and students.

Xin Jia Yi Lu has a few more movements than Lao Jia Yi Lu. with more spiraling obvious applications and qinna (joint seizing and locking) methods. It is considered to be a much more advanced and complicated form that Lao Jia Yi Lu.

Huixian will be teaching the first half of this form over six Sunday afternoons 2:00pm to 4:00pm starting July 23rd.