August Workshop in Kansas City

Saturday, August 12th: 3:00pm -6:00pm

Laojia Yilu (Old Frame Routine One):
Sections Three and Four Corrections

In this workshop, Chen Huixian will work with students on Sections Three and Four of the Laojia Yilu form. The class will go through the third and fouth sections of the long form, posture by posture, movement by movement.

This is the traditional method of training Tai Chi in Chenjiagou (the Chen Village). It is a very slow and intense process that helps students to refine the individual details of each posture. There will also be time for students to ask questions about specific movements in this section.

Movements in Section Three
29. Brushing the Right Foot (You Cha Jiao)
30. Brushing the Left Foot (Zuo Cha Jiao)
31. Kicking With the Left Heel and Following (Zuo Deng Yi Gen)
32. Forward Twist Step (Qian Tang Ao Bu)
33. Punch the Ground (Ji Di Chui)
34. Kicking with Two Heels (Ti Er Qi)
35. Protecting the Heart (Hu Xin Quan)
36. Whirlwind Foot (Xuan Feng Jiao)
37. Kicking with the Right Heel and Following (You Deng Yi Gen)
38. Hidden Thrust Punch and Whirling Upper Arms (Yan Shou Gong Quan)

Movements in Section Four
39. Small Capturing (Xiao Qin Da)
40. Embracing Head and Pushing Mountain (Bao Tou Tui Shan)
41. Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi)
42. Single Whip (Dan Bian)
43. Forward Trick(Qian Zhao)
44.Backward Trick (Hou Zhao)
45. Parting the Wild Horse's Mane (Ye Ma Fen Zong)
46. Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi)
47. Single Whip (Dan Bian)