Welcome to Chen Huixian's Taiji Academy

        in Overland Park, Kansas

Chen Huixian is dedicated to spreading and promoting the traditional art and culture of original Chen Taiji (Tai Chi) as handed down to her from her father, Grandmaster Chen Chunlei, and her uncle and Shifu (teacher) Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.

She has years of experience in teaching classes ranging from beginner to advanced, children to seniors, and from group seminars to private lessons. She specializes in Tai Chi for health as well as Tai Chi for combat applications.

So whether you are looking for a relaxing way to increase your balance, circulation and overall health, or interested in a unique and powerful Martial Art for self-defense, Chen-style Taijiquan has it!

Chen Huixian's traditional training methods come straight from Chen Village, The Original Birthplace of martial art known as Taijiquan (Tai-Chi), and includes a complete curriculum of silk-reeling exercises, empty-handed forms, weapons forms, and two-person push-hands routines.

She is currently available for demonstrations, group classes and private lessons. If you are interested in starting a Tai Chi program at your Community Center, Health Club, or other facility, please contact us by phone or email for more information.

Classes are offered in both English and Mandarin Chinese.